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Nortranslation.com is an online translation agency focusing on providing high quality Norwegian translation Services. Our services consist of professional English to Norwegian translation and Norwegian to English translation. Additionally, we provide a proofreading service where we proofread and edit Norwegian or English documents to ensure that they are grammatically correct and that the language flows nicely.

We translate all kinds of written material; Articles, legal documents, or letters. We can also translate entire websites, if that is what our clients want.

After being involved in online business for a number of years, we became increasingly frustrated over seeing poorly translated websites polluting the web. Most of which had been copy-paste translated by Google translate. Google translate does an adequate job of making the reader get the gist of what the content is about, however, that’s where it end. Google translated material is hardly readable and makes websites look less professional and less trustworthy.

Some of the websites we came across were in fact translated by cheap “professional translators”, however the quality of these translations were so poor that they might as well have been done with Google translate (in fact, some of them actually were, but the businesses who had ordered these translations were completely unaware).

We soon realized that there was a market for high quality translation services, and thus the work on Nortranslation.com began. We decided to offer Norwegian to English translation and English to Norwegian translation specifically as it was here we felt we could best use our expertise. By focusing solely on Norwegian translation we were able to hone our skills and become experts in this field. And as we are native Norwegians, living in Norway we feel that we can provide one of the best Norwegian translation Services available.

NorTranslation.com was established in order to meet the need for high quality translation. We take a lot of pride in our work and we believe that every project we translate is in a way a part who we are. Because of that, we always strive to provide the highest quality Norwegian translation, while at the same time always meet deadlines.

Nortranslation is a brand you can trust, and we do our best every day to meet your Norwegian translation needs, providing the highest quality we possibly can.

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