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Nortranslation.com is an online translation agency located in Norway, specializing in professional Norwegian Translation Services. With years of experience we can now offer high quality translations with fast turnaround. We do all of our translations in house in our Norwegian office and never outsource any orders, thus you can always rest assured that the quality of your translated material is top notch.

English to Norwegian Translation

Our most popular service by far is our English to Norwegian translation service. We can provide translation of documents, letters, or entire websites if that is what you are looking for. Simply contact us with English to Norwegian translation project and we will get started on it right away! Being native Norwegian Translators we not only have the expertise to provide high quality translation from English to Norwegian, but we also have a deep understanding of our culture and social matters. That way we can incorporate any language subtleties or lingo that only native Norwegians would be aware of and understand.

We don’t simply translate word for word; we provide excellent translation of your material, but we also cater the content to meet Norwegian cultural and social expectations. If you wish for word for word translation, which would be more appropriate for legal documents, or the terms and conditions page on a website, we can of course accommodate this. Get in touch with us via our contact form and we can discuss the specific needs you have for your project.

Norwegian to English Translation

As well as being proficient English to Norwegian translators, we also provide high quality Norwegian to English translation if that is what you are looking for. We have an excellent command of both the English and Norwegian language, thus we feel very confident in our Norwegian to English translation service. As with our Norwegian translation, we can translate letters, documents, scanned material and websites.

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Norwegian Website Translation

Lately, there has been an increasing demand for website translation. Sometimes referred to as website localization, website translation means translation of entire websites, not only certain articles, or pages. We complete Norwegian website translation; We can translate your English website into Norwegian, or vice versa.

The benefit of Norwegian website translation is that you can now reach a whole new audience with your products, services or ideas. You won’t even have to write new content. Simply have your existing content translated and reach out to a whole new breed of potential customers.


If you already have translated material, whether it be English to Norwegian, or Norwegian to English, we can offer to proofread your translations, to ensure it meets your high quality standards. We can proofread your articles, letters, websites, or whatever the case may be and look for spelling errors, grammatical errors, or just plain poor wording or language. We then proceed to fix any errors we might encounter alter the content suited for your needs and make sure that your translated material is of excellent quality and clinically free of errors.

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